Kate hook

We can do better

I want to ensure that your voice is heard, so that you are truly represented in Canberra on the issues that matter most to you.

independent for calare


We CAN create a plan to give Calare communities a clear direction for an orderly, prosperous transition from old to clean energy, regenerating our land and water, growing food and fibre sustaibly, decarbonising transport and revitalising our towns culturally and economically.

Hi, I’m Kate Hook. 

I’m excited to be standing as a community independent for Calare, an incredible region that I feel privileged to call home.  

After many months of talking to people across various towns and villages, it became clear that people are feeling let down by the current political system which they feel lacks honesty and integrity and excludes community voices.

As your independent, I am free to put first the things that matter most to our communities. I will not have to pander to political party factions, big donors or lobbyists that, have caused people to lose trust in political leadership.   I am free to listen and respond to community needs, being transparent, truthful and informative.

I know I need to earn your vote and your trust, so I’ll be working hard to make sure I understand what matters most to you and to engage with your community so that you feel you really know who you are voting for.

I’m standing for

Calare because

it really matters.

We’ve got to get politics working for communities again.

WE can do better.

You have a choice and can use your vote to change the way politics is done.

Kate Hook for Calare Sitting with Fr Kane - Independent for Calare | Australian Federal Election 2022
Kate Hook for Calare Working With The Community - Independent for Calare | Australian Federal Election 2022
Kate Hook for Calare with the Beautifully Smiling Jane Paul - Independent for Calare | Australian Federal Election 2022

Kate Hook listens to our


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We have a growing group of passionate locals, inspired by the knowledge that we can do things better. There is a role for everyone and it’s a great opportunity to have fun while working for positive change. You can click here to volunteer or to sign up for email updates.

Kate On Your Gate

One of the most effective ways you can help the campaign is to “host” a yard sign on your gate, fence or mounted on posts. You can come and collect one from the campaign office at 296 Summer Street, Orange, or request that one of our volunteers visits to install the sign.